About us

The Swedish network for National Clinical Studies in Obstetrics and Gynecology (SNAKS) was founded in 2014. Sweden has been inspired by the successful Dutch model called Dutch consortium.

The goal for SNAKS is to

  • perform high quality studies with a broad engagement of all the Clinics in Sweden
  • use the different national quality registers and get better and evidence based care
  • strengthen the Swedish Academic position in Obstetrics and Gynecology both Nationally and Internationally

In SNAKS we have a steering group that works with improving research collaboration between the different clinics. The steering group welcomes suggestions for studies and have a continues dialogue with the person/group that gives the proposal in order to create a good studyprotocol. We want to give support so that as many studies as possible can be national studies involving several clinics. In this way we believe we can produce high quality research with a reasonable timeframe and also be able to start studies that requires a large patient number.

Ongoing, finished or planned studies you find here: Studies.

If you or your clinic wants to start a study, have an idea of a study or join an ongoing/planned study please read the information here: How does my study become a SNAKS study